Terms of Service

The service uses the Dark-Net to authorize.
You agree to use the service in accordance with applicable laws. If you use the Services of a company, company or third party, you are sure that you have the right to receive this information on behalf of that person, but such person does accept these terms, and “you” means both parties. If you use the account (s) to represent a vendor (ie an Administrator, consultant, expert, etc.), the provision for your actions on behalf of the account applies.

Compensation. If you use the Service on behalf of another company, business, or institution, or if you use this Service for commercial purposes, you and that entity will not associate or be a member of Mediat-coaching Entities (even as described in section 8 below) in any case, claim or action arising. or relating to your use of the Services or a breach of these Terms, including any liability. Legal or expenditure arising from claims (including claims due to negligence), loss, corruption, conviction, penalties, litigation costs and attorney fees. Age
. If you are younger than the minimum age (see section 14 for your area) you may not be registered for investment. If you do not have an existing Yahoo Family (US) account, you will need to have minimum service entitlements. Some areas of the Services include adult and / or adult content. Please do not access this material unless you are of legal age (ie legal age in your country) or clearly stated.

membership. You agree not to use the service in order to:

gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to our services or servers, systems, networks or data;

provides any material that is harmful, threatening, abusive, abusive, offensive, defamatory, blasphemous, indecent, defamatory Content, invasion of privacy, hate or racist, racist or otherwise offensive content;

contravenes any applicable law or regulation;

impersonates any person or entity; mock or otherwise manipulate the titles or identifiers to hide through the content Source any content submitted;

provides any content that you are not authorized to provide or infringe upon any patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other proprietary rights of any person or entity. ; Includes advertising or other content without our prior written consent

to post commercial invitation content;

provides a virus or any computer code, file, program or other content intended to interfere with, disrupt or restrict the operation of the service or affect other users; or

interferes with or interferes with the service in any way or interacts with the Server, system or network to which the service is connected.

service use. You will be required to comply with any rules or regulations related to the service. Except for the interface and instructions provided by us, you may not misuse or interfere with the service, or attempt to access it in any other way. You may only use the Service to the extent permitted by law. With the exception of one important factor, you may not use or use the Services or any of them for commercial purposes.

External regulator. You agree to comply with the export control laws and regulations of the United States and other applicable states, including, but not limited to, the Department of Commerce, the United States Trade and Security Council, and trade prohibitions and regulatory sanctions. From the Bureau of International Asset Management of the U.S. Treasury Department. You must represent and ensure that: (1) You are not a restricted person in any government export list (for example, see http://www.bis.doc.gov/ compliance / contact list.htm); (2) No longer exports or uses services to transmit software, technology or other technical data to any unauthorized group or country; (3) This service may not be used for the destruction of military, nuclear, missile, chemical or biological equipment, or any other related service. Import and export of US or other available countries.

Protection of the right to protest. You agree to comply with all laws of corruption, including laws prohibiting the payment of third party fees for fraud.

ownership and re-use. Use of the Services does not constitute intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights or interests in the Services or the content you access. You must not use a token or symbol used in the Services unless we have given you written permission. You may not delete, reject or modify any legal notices contained in or related to the service. Unless you have your written permission, you may not copy, modify, rent, lease, sell, trade, distribute, distribute, publicly distribute, copy or utilize any items. Any commercial purpose, any placement or use or access to the service (including content, advertising, API and software).

software license. In the event that you comply with these Terms, we provide you with a free, non-transferable, non-transferable, revocable and unlicensed license. software and applications. The APIs we will provide to you as part of the Service. Of the. The purpose of this license is simply to allow you to use the services we provide as permitted by this content and any other information or instructions. You may not suspend the operation or attempt to remove any copyright to our software, unless the terms of use are restricted or you have written permission. Our program will automatically update and install security or other updates without notice.

support. Unless otherwise stated, we do not promise any support to the Service. If we support you, we are in control, and that does not mean that we will always support you in the future. Payment

. We reserve the right to choose at our discretion whether to pay for use or access to the service (and any support services). If we decide to pay a fee, our payment terms will apply and we will notify you in advance.

Variations of different religions. Different features may be available in different parts of the service, but not all of the features are available in your country or region. Also, not all features are available when a user connects to a different type of Service or uses third-party software.

The right to prevent abuse. We prohibit the use of our Services to send unsolicited emails or messages. If you do not engage in commercial activities with non-large companies or companies without our prior written consent, you may not contact the service. You do not engage in any activity or activity that interferes with the service or experience of another user.

Envrmnt 360 conditions. US Users: Envrmnt 360 terms apply to you and are found everywhere in Spanish.

RSS output If you are using the RSS feed provided by us (all “Mediat-coaching RSS feed”), you are only allowed to display the provided content of the feed without conversion. You will need to provide access to our website first and a link to all the stories on our website. You may not remove our site or backlinks or otherwise alter the contents of the  RSS feed. You do not read ads on any Mediat-coaching RSS Feed. We reserve the right to discontinue the Mediat-coaching RSS feed at any time and encourage everyone to discontinue using the Mediat-coaching RSS feed at any time for any reason. All of our products and services will also have more detailed information regarding RSS feed usage provided by Mediat-coaching.

your savings; let
account information
know. You may need an account to use certain services. You must ensure that your personal information (that is, the information you provided when registering or logging into the Service) is current, complete, accurate and true. AOL only financial account, all Mediat-coaching funds will remain the same, and any rights to it may be terminated at the death of the owner.

log in to your account. You are responsible for all activities that take place under or through your account. To protect your savings, please keep your password secret. Do not reuse the credit card envelope with other services. There is no discrimination against your rights, if you do not remember your password and can not verify your Mediat-coaching account, you acknowledge and agree that your account will not be accessible to you. and not all information related to your account is returned.
Warning. Mediat-coaching may provide you with notifications, including service notifications and notifications of changes to these terms, including notifications via email, regular mail, text or SMS, MMS, push notifications or messages in the application. Posts on the service. Telephone, telephone or other reasonable methods developed now or in the future. You agree to receive these notices from any and all of the above methods. If you access the service in an unauthorized manner that violates these terms, you will not receive notice and if you access the service in the manner permitted, you will be deemed to have received any notice. .

Privacy and Security Information

Our Privacy Policy describes how we treat your personal information. By using the Services, you agree to our privacy policy and we will use your information in accordance with our privacy policy By using and connecting to Mediat-coaching Services, you acknowledge that person is still on most of our services. There are only so many such services that we can use by using our own information to provide real estate and advertising. Visit our Privacy Center to learn more about privacy.

Copyright or other intellectual property rights

We respect the intellectual property rights of others, and we hope that our users can do the same. In appropriate circumstances and at our sole discretion, we may disable, terminate and / or take any other appropriate action regarding user accounts that may be breached. If you believe that your legal or other legal rights have been violated, please follow the instructions herein

Content within Mediat-coaching

Content and License. What our service provides is not what we do or own. This material is only the individual or individual responsible for making it accessible. We do not take responsibility for the conduct of third parties, including individuals or organizations with whom you interact using the Service. Many services allow you to provide content indoors. You (not Mediat-coaching) are responsible for answering any questions you send, post, email, post or provide through the Service. We may delete and refuse to post material that violates applicable terms or regulations or regulations, but that does not mean we are monitoring the Service or reviewing or reviewing issues. By using or accessing the Service, you understand and agree that you may be exposed to annoyances, inaccuracies or objections.

IP is owned and licensed. By not sending content or other information to any of our Services, when you post, share, or submit content to the Service, you reserve the rights of your member to any information about you. contains the content and is made available to us worldwide, without exception, without limitation, non-transferability, transfer, license (a) of use, Owners, sellers, developers, translators, settings (such as changes, changes, content or other versions), communications , inform, publish and evaluate and disseminate this information in a way that downloads or disseminates current or future information; and (b) allow others to use, access, reproduce, produce, share, display, organize, and distribute your content through the Service when authorized to operate those services (for example, users will rewrite your blog), and republish your content. )). For some Services, there may be specific terms or conditions that allow for different uses of the content provided by those services. You shall have the right to access our licenses described in Section 6 (b) for any Content you post, share or provide to the Services.

Modifications and terminations; Account Closure

We update, update and improve our services regularly. Except as otherwise stated in your country in Article 14, we may without additional notice or remove form or appearance, establish new service restrictions, suspend or suspend or terminate permanent or permanent services.

You may stop using the Services at any time. You can delete and delete your AOL account at any time by clicking here and you can delete and delete your Yahoo account by clicking here. For more information, see the relevant Help Center.

Unless your country / region otherwise states in the terms of Article 14, we may suspend or suspend or terminate your phone number or restrict your access to any any place or service. Time, without notice and reasons, including but not limited to crime, court order or inactivity.

As part of your legal process, if your account number is truncated, enter your username, password, and all relevant information, data, etc. associated with the expired account, and your username can be reused by someone else. If the service is a paid service, please check our payment terms, which can be found by clicking here. Confirmation

and our toll-free

to view EVERYTHING FROM PROCEDURE, ALL, TECHNOLOGY PARENTS, Advocacy, Collaboration, Leadership, Guardian, WORKING INSTRUCTIONS , SERVICES, ADVERTISEMENT, WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE PROCESS, SERVICES, SERVICES. We perform our services “as is”, “all prices” and “availability”. You understand and agree that NO internet communication or electronic data archives are guaranteed in terms of security, and we specifically accept that a notification, NO OR, is insufficient. WE INFORM OTHER PEOPLE, SERVICES OR MANAGEMENT MERCHANTABILITY OR SERVICES OR SERVICES OR BUILDINGS FREE PRODUCTS, SUPPORT; assistance or assistance or assistance or assistance or assistance or assistance or assistance, OR SERVICE. Opportunity, access, or entry to FILL YOU ARE FREE, INFORMATION, TO SEE PAYMENT. . To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we do not provide express representations or endorsements for this service. 40A4

AND PEOPLE FOR THE LAW, MAY BE ACCEPTED BY THE COMMUNICATION MECHANISM NOT ACCEPTED: RELATIONS Mediat-coaching entities are not liable for any loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of business opportunities, impairment (including loss or reduction of personal data value) or any other (related) loss “). These terms and conditions or use or access to the service include, but not limited to, losses for the following reasons: (a) deletion, alteration, erroneous transfer or failure to maintain the service; data stored or transmitted by the Services; reducing, suspending or terminating an account; copying or sharing service information, including personal data; to your account or data stored or delivered by the service; ahla or services sold in that form of advertising Mediat-coaching ENTITY DOES NOT WARRANT TO RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OTHER PERSON, WORK THIRD OR WRONG OR WORK OF GOD. THERE IS NO PREVIOUS RIGHT OR POWER TO Most Restrictions and permissions on use instructions PREVIOUS ORGANIZATION.

To the extent permitted by law, and unless otherwise stated in Clause 14, Mediat-coaching INSTITUTIONAL PRACTICE DOES NOT HELP ANY PURPOSE RESPONSIBLE AFTER NURSING IN CONNECTION WITH THESE TERMS OR SERVICES.


You agree that you may submit our comments, suggestions, feedback, comments, suggestions or other suggestions (“Suggestions”) about our products, services, websites, applications or technology that we use, without notice, liability, prohibition, payment or payment to you , and you request (or agree not to use) any rights (including personal rights and equal rights) that you may have now or in the future. Payment and billing services. Unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions that apply to the services you use, the provisions of Chapter 11 apply to you.

We provide goods and services against payment (“Paid Services”). These paid services are subject to additional terms that you agree to by subscribing to the paid services and these terms. If you are applying for financial assistance, you must provide payment information and provide us with accurate payment and payment information, and you are responsible for maintaining it. from. Most payment services you use require you to have them or sign up for Yahoo, AOL, or another Mediat-coaching ID. If you are an AOL Dial-Up customer, follow the link by clicking here.

The following basic rules apply to all of our paid services:

third-party products. If the paid service includes third party products, you understand and agree that your purchase and use of the Services is subject to third party services, agreements and policies. okay that you have to follow. Please read carefully before agreeing with them.

Payment. You indicate that you are at least the minimum age to sign a legal contract. You agree to pay us for all services based on the prices you purchased from us and any other costs (including taxes) received on your account. You are responsible for all payments associated with your account, including purchases made by you or another person authorized to use your account or any sub-domain or related account. Anyone (including any person with direct, indirect or explicit authority) or any access to your account because you are unable to obtain your login information. Payment method

. You authorize us and direct us to charge a certain form of payment for these fees or, if that fails, to download another form of payment you have recorded with us, even if we accept it with relationship with other paid services. Even if your payment method fails or declines, you will incur all the costs. You authorize and instruct us to keep all information about the payment methods associated with your account. We will enter the payment information you entered during the pre-purchase period and give you the option to use the payment information for new purchases. You authorize us to receive and use updates from your payment method provider in accordance with any applicable credit card function policies and procedures. In some cases, we may continue to charge a payment method beyond the expiry date at our discretion and in accordance with your bank’s payment or approval procedures. When using a payment type (for example, paying by check or savings account), you can use deposits. Payment terms. As long as your subscription is valid, even if you do not download or use the service, we may charge you in advance for a paid, daily, monthly, annual, one-time payment service. Or, under certain conditions, or access your online account.

Repair of cars. We use automatic updating of many paid services. Each time you sign up for this basic payment service, we will automatically renew your fee and pay your credit card or other payment method you have provided to us, unless Most have to cancel your fee. 48 hours before the end of the current term Unless otherwise stated in Section 14, your subscription will automatically renew at the current price, excluding discount prices and discounts. We may, at our sole discretion, either record payments for your payment method individually or add to your charges for part or all of your paid services.

Fölvernd. We may take steps to verify the accuracy of the credit card information you provide to us, including paying less than $ 1.00 to your credit card and refunding it immediately. You allow us to admit and betray fraud.

Free trial. We will give you a free trial, so you can try the free service (“Free trial”). Unless otherwise indicated, and unless you cancel your registration before the end of the free trial period, the registration fee will be refunded at the appropriate rate at the end of the free trial period. free until cancellation of registration. If you are not satisfied with the paid service, you need to deduct the fee before the free debt expires to avoid payment. We reserve the right to restrict you to a free trial or promotion of the Service free of charge, and to prohibit the inclusion of free exams or other promotional offers.

No charge. All fees are non-refundable, unless there are other conditions to which you agree to sign up for Payment, unless there is other information in your country in section 14 or as described. below.

gaui. In our opinion, we can change, terminate or discontinue all or all of the service without notice, including access to services, materials, etc. products or services related to the cost of services are entitled to a refund for any part of the policy but are no longer available. You may terminate your account based service at any time by logging in to your account and withdrawing your subscription.

Changes in charges and charges. We will change our pricing and procedures at any time. We will notify you of the cost at least thirty (30) days in advance. In accordance with applicable law, (i) if you do not agree to any proposed change, the best solution is to cancel the service charge before the change starts, and (ii) continue to apply the price change after approval. your new payment agreement for the service or registered Services.

is not legal. Within 30 days of unpaid payment, your Billing Services will be late and we will terminate or defer payment and bills based on your payment. if you don’t pay. You are responsible for all costs, including fees and attorneys’ fees, we will do our best to recover the remaining costs from you. The notice period is

90 days. You need to notify us of any payment issues or differences within 90 days of the first appearance in your credit report. If you do not receive our notice within 90 days, then you agree to waive the right to dispute an issue and dispute.

About these challenges

Three conflicts and conflicts. These terms govern the relationship between you and us. They do not build the other benefit group. In the event of any dispute or dispute between the terms of this document and any other agreement relating to the Services, the dispute or dispute shall be settled to supplement the terms.

Change Rules. Unless otherwise stated in your country in Chapter 14, we may change these terms from time to time. Unless otherwise stated, this amendment will be effective from the date it is posted on this page or another page. You will need to review the rules regularly. In the event of any major changes, we will notify you (as per Article 3 (c) above).

continue to use the service. You may discontinue using the service at any time, but continue to use or register with the service after making any changes to the terms or expressing your consent to the terms of use.

Amnesty for divorce. Our failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these rules does not constitute a waiver of these rights or the rules. If any clause (or part of the clause) of these terms is found to be invalid, it means that you agree that we still adhere to the purpose set forth in this clause and the other terms of these terms. will continue to be fully implemented. Service From Us. We may explain the Terms and Conditions and any terms and conditions that it has or has defined (including all rights, licenses, and agreements contained in or within it), in whole or in part and without warning, for any number of factors, including the purpose of change (eg integration or competition).