About Mediat-Coaching
Mediat-Coaching, formerly known as Prince, is sponsored by Mediat-Coaching. We serve our customers, partners, advertising and expertise by monitoring the digital campaigns, products and services available on social media platforms.

We provide management tools to help you manage your experience with us. If you have an account, you must agree to this Privacy Policy. If you have not yet agreed to this privacy policy, the terms of ‘s privacy policy or the old privacy policy terms may still apply to your account. For Mediat-Coaching products or services that can be accessed without a login, this privacy policy applies to these products and services from May 25, 2018. If you want to build a new account, these terms will apply from now on.

Our commitment to privacy
Our goal is to put our users first. We want you to understand how we collect and use your information, keep your information safe, and make important decisions for you.

This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand Mediat-Coaching’s location, sponsors and international brand (“Mediat-Coaching”, “us” or “us”), why we collect this information and how we manage it. This basis applies to Mediat-Coaching brand alerts, websites, applications, advertising services (see “Services”). Extension services for some services can be found in the analysis of special products and services.

Your Controls
We believe you should have the tools to manage your information. You may have an administrator to manage or view information about your account, marketing settings, news site, and research history in Privacy Manager. Some of our services provide privacy and performance management. (See detailed information on specific products and services.)

Information and Uses –
Information Some types of information written by Mediat-Coaching are appropriate for our use. Services, such as information required to register for certain Services. We may collect and process information when you call Mediat-Coaching Service and the following information:

The information you have provided to us. We will collect the information you provide, such as:

When you create an account with Mediat-Coaching services or tokens. “Connect account and / or device with each other.

When you use our Services to communicate with others or send, upload or store content (such as comments, photos, audio links, videos, e-mails, services) send and link).

Mediat-Coaching scans and stores all internal communications, including email from incoming and outgoing mail. Enable us to deliver products, privacy and design-related features, materials, advertising and services.

Whether you are using our Services such as title inquiries, browsing history, page views, search queries, viewing content we share or installing any Mediat-Coaching software such as plugging in.

When you sign up for payment, use services that require your financial information, or end negotiations with us or our customers, we may collect your payment and payment information.

Information. We collect information on your device (computer, mobile phone, board, etc. Information that allows us to identify and relate your work to devices and services. This information includes identification tools and information, such as IP addresses, cookie information, mobile devices and identity alerts, variable analysis, operation types and types, data information, device settings, and database software. We may know your device to provide you with your own personalized experience with advertising on each device you use.

Address information. We collect location information from a variety of sources. You can learn more about managing location permissions on the “Location” page and on the device’s local toolbar.

Information from cookies and other technologies.

When you access facilities, advertisements, websites, media extensions, applications, and other products (including turning on and off our services), we collect data and Mediat-Coaching data collection technologies (such as web beacons, content development, jobs), cookie files and others) and others). These data collection technologies allow us to understand your activities on and off our services, and to collect and store information when you interact with the services we provide. handed over to your partner.

This information also includes broadcasting languages or services viewed or clicked on; the amount and schedule of your work; the websites or services you used before you received our Services and where you went; whether you are involved in the case or event; and whether you visited the “Site”, downloaded the developers, purchased products or services, or carried out other activities.

other files. When we receive information about you from other users, third parties and affiliates, we will collect this information, for example

When you link your account to the service or use third party partners (such as Facebook or Twitter) when you sign in.

comes from public sources.

comes from an advertiser, about your experience or their contact’s product.

When we receive information from other parties or other companies (such as companies that use our services). This may include your activities on other websites and the use and information provided to you or to us by third parties.

We may also receive information from Mediat-Coaching, and when we receive and use this information, we may control Mediat-Coaching customers’ decisions regarding the use of this information.

How do we use this information
We may provide, customize and improve our services by combining and using information we have about you (including information we receive as part of the service and service) to provide, customize and improve our services, to understand you The way you use our services and the people or things you interact with, like and work with. We may also use the information we hold about you for the following purposes:

provides, maintains, improves and develops related features, materials and services.

checks your content and other information (including emails, instant messages, posted photos, attachments and other communications). You may use Privacy Management to view and manage certain information associated with your Mediat-Coaching account.

and complete the application with your consent.

helps marketers and publishers communicate to provide relevant marketing on their apps and websites.

Optimize and advertise your advertising services (on any device and disable our services) and place basic ads on your phone, display interesting ideas and information pages.

Contact us with your account information or marketing message, which you can also maintain.

Connect your functionality across our services and devices and link any accounts you may use to Mediat-Coaching Services. We can combine activities and accounts under one ID.

support or support.

conducts new research and support.

Create content and advertising for third parties, including affiliates, advertisers, advertisers, services, third parties and the general public regarding the use of the system in our services and advertisements, including showing the sharing of interests, the quality of advertising and user information. These surveys and advertisements may contain aggregated information or false information.

provides placement services, advertising, search results, and other content based on your location preferences.

Relevant information we receive about you, along with information obtained from business partners or other companies, for example, about your work on other websites and programs.

Detect and prevent fraud, offensive or illegal activity.

We give you control over your experience with us. For example, you can view or edit your account information, manage marketing choices, or opt out of targeted advertising. If you opt out, you’ll still see ads that may not be relevant or useful to you.

If you are in the European Union or the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom (EU / EEA / United Kingdom), please see section 10 “Basic legal information” Additional information applies to the use of our services.
How we share this information
Mediat-Coaching Advertising Information about its affiliates and companies with Mediat-Coaching. We also disclose information we receive about you for reasons stated in this Privacy Policy, including the provision of services you require (including when consulting agencies and services). New system). Unless using any of the following conditions, we will not sell, license or share personally identifiable information of non-Mediat-Coaching customers, companies, entities or individuals:

with your permission. We will share information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Mediat-Coaching if we receive your consent.

nguMediat-Coaching. As part of Mediat-Coaching, Mediat-Coaching and its partners, for law purpose only and under User control, share information about Mediat-Coaching with its affiliates. work. This information is used in accordance with Mediat-Coaching’s Privacy Policy.

W Mediat-Coaching. The information will also be shared with Mediat-Coaching, including collaboration with other Mediat-Coaching Services and affiliates. Mediat-Coaching Media uses information in accordance with its privacy policy. And partners. We can share your information with different companies:

Reliable partner. We share your information with trusted partners who act on behalf of or through Mediat-Coaching in accordance with our guidelines and use appropriate security measures. Continue your education.

Reporting, analysis and collaboration (restricted to anonymous information). We may share links or similar terms (including democratic information) with members, such as publishers, marketers, metrologists, applications, or companies. one. For example, we might tell an advertiser what their ad looks like or show how many people installed a program after seeing an ad. We do not share personally identifiable information (especially personal information such as name or email address) with these affiliates, such as publishers, publishers, metrics, software or other companies.

When you use third-party applications, websites or other products related to our services, they may collect information about your activities in accordance with their policies and privacy policies.

We allow other companies to post advertisements on our website or services to collect information about your browser or device. Third-party companies that use cookies and other information collection technologies must comply with their own specific rules, but this is not the case. Like most companies, we may allow cookies to be made with selected partners. However, these features are not allowed to be entered into Mediat-Coaching cookies.

is used for legal and other purposes. We may access, store and disseminate information in order to investigate, restrict or take steps to: (ii) enforce the Regulations; (iii) claims that everything violates the rights of third parties; (iv) customer service requirements; (v) technical matters; (vi) protect the rights, property or personal protection of Mediat-Coaching, users or the public; (vii) promoting or exercising our legal rights or defending legal claims; or (viii) as required by law.

May include compliance with regulatory requirements. Learn more about tests and responses to these requests.

New person. If you own or control all or any part of Mediat-Coaching, Mediat-Coaching or any change services as a result of the decision to acquire, acquire, or sell the property, we may transfer your information. you to the new owner.

Knowledge of specialist products and services.

Information Security and Data Protection
Mediat-Coaching uses technology, administration, and security measures to help protect unauthorized access, use or disclosure of customer information we collect cross or archive.

To learn more about security, including the steps we’ve taken and the steps we can take, read the Mediat-Coaching Privacy article.

Protecting the privacy of children
Our services are for the public. We do not knowingly collect, use or distribute information that could be used to identify children under the age of 13 without parental consent or compliance with applicable law. With parental consent, a child under the age of 13 can receive a Mediat-Coaching family application. Visit the privacy rights of children and family accounts to learn more about children’s privacy rights on Mediat-Coaching.

Our Documents Policy. We rely primarily on three separate criteria to legally process your information. First, we need to process your data in a variety of ways in order to provide you with our services in accordance with our terms of service. This step is necessary to enter into an agreement between you and us. Second, we will rely on your consent if you give us your consent to use your information in a certain way. Third, in some cases, our lawful rights and interests or the interests of third parties will require you to continue to provide your information, and the rights or interests of these legal rights will not be extinguished because of your rights. From time to time, Mediat-Coaching may rely on other legal grounds to process your information, such as protecting the interests of users (e.g., imminent risk of harm) or compliance. legal obligation. For more information, please see our legal framework.

Data Processing and Delivery

When you use any of our services or interact with our services, you agree to process, share, transfer and use your information in the manner described. In this Privacy Policy. Regardless of your country of residence, you authorize your data to be submitted, processed, stored and used in countries other than yours in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the provision of Services to you. Some of these countries may not have the same information protection as the country where you live. Mediat-Coaching

processes data with individuals in the EU / EEA / UK and sends that information through the EU / EEA / UK through a variety of procedures (including contractual procedures) information is in accordance with the “Treaty of Europe”. By using our services, you agree that we may disclose information about you in these countries. For more information, please visit our data transfer page.

The United States and non-EU / EEA / UK countries have different laws on information protection and government data access policies. If you are in the European Union / EEA / UK, when your information is transferred from your country of origin to a third party other than the EU / EEA / UK, some countries will not protect your information. same as your country. Important information

privacy policy only applies to Mediat-Coaching. This Privacy Policy does not apply to companies not owned and controlled by Mediat-Coaching, nor to individuals not employed or controlled by Mediat-Coaching. In addition, some related products may have privacy policies and practices that do not violate this policy.

We may update this special code from time to time, so you should check it regularly. If we make material changes, we will notify you in good time before the changes take effect.